Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, and decrease energy usage. The basic steps of the recycling process include collection, sorting, processing, and manufacturing.

Collection involves the gathering of recyclable materials from homes, businesses, and public spaces. Sorting involves separating the materials by type to facilitate processing. Processing includes cleaning, crushing, and melting the materials down to a raw form. Finally, the raw materials are used in the manufacturing of new products.

The recycling process helps to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and save energy. By properly recycling, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills and positively impact the environment.

The Process

Donate and Recycle

To deliver the finest result of recycling in Singapore, we provide several steps to recycle the materials accordingly.


The majority of the waste we gathered came from post-industrial facilities and industrial waste disposal companies. We will examine the waste produced and develop a recycling scheme to separate recyclables at our facility.

Processing Baling

Before proceeding to our multi-stage baling machine.


Our Balers compress recycled plastic into compact bales that are simple to handle, transport, and ready to export.

Crushing/Grinding Process

The waste is 95% sorted, grind/ washed, then re-processed or re-pelletized into pellet form utilizing our state-of-the-art multi-stage extrusion technology.

Pellestising Extrusion Process

In the extrusion of plastics, the raw compound material is commonly in the form of nurdles (small beads, often called resin) that are gravity fed from a top-mounted hopper into the barrel of the extruder. Additives such as colorants and UV inhibitors (in either liquid or pellet form) are often used and can be mixed into the resin prior to arriving at the hopper.

Full Plastic Recycling Process

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