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With the aim of inspiring Singaporeans to reduce their plastic & non-recyclable materials, our recycling centre is dedicated to transitioning the nation into a sustainably efficient country, starting from the grassroot level.


Pre-owned Machinary | Plastic | E-Waste/Electronics Waste | Metal/ Non-ferrous

Plastic Recycling Process

As A Trusted Recycling Centre, Our Role Matters Greatly When It Comes To Providing An Environment-Friendly Solution Towards Recycling Plastic Types Such As PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVC And Other Types Of Plastic Materials.

Metal Scrap Introduction

We trade the following (ready to export) stainless steel, Alu 1000-6000 series / Lead batteries / High-Nickel Content/ Special Alloy/ Precious Metal

About Us

Advance Recycling Was Founded In Singapore Back In 2004. We Are One Of The Leading Recycling Companies In Singapore Spanning Over 2 Decades In The Recycling Industry. We Specialize In A One-Stop Full Recycling Service Ranging From Plastic , Metal to E-Waste, Our Team Of Young & Experienced Staff Are Ready To Provide You An Eco-Friendly Experience!

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Why Should I Recycle?

The Semakau Landfill is the only offshore landfill we have in Singapore. Recycling plays a vital role in extending the landfill and improve the sustainbility of the country. By turning waste materials into useful products, you will be able to help reduce the amount of energy used in the production process, as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases, and helping to reduce the impact of climate change.

Why Choose Us?

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We are dedicated to provide you a sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for all your recycling needs. You can visit our E-mart to see our latest products.


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We Take Great Pride In Being The Leading Recycling Centre; Caring Of The Environment And Contributing To The Community. With That Being Said, We’re Always One Phone Call Away To Assist You In Any Recycling Matters! Contact Us Today.